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A graduate of IBA, Amir Adnan, began the business of clothes for men in 1990, and has, over the past three decades, built a renowned name that is lauded globally for its achievements in the world of fashion.

Amir Adnan is the recipient of the Pride of Performance Award in the field of Arts and Design - one of the highest civil awards bestowed upon a civilian by the President of Pakistan.

His contributions to the industry, however, transcend the craft of creation. As an entrepreneur and conscientious member of society, Amir Adnan has been an advocate of responsible and sustainable fashion. His vision for empowering people caused for major changes within his business in the mid 2000’s, when he started outsourcing his production to his tailors, converting them into entrepreneurs with a sustainable business model of production.

Amir Adnan has also been a large part of the inclusion movement, hiring lesser abled people, giving them the dignity of labor. His head designer being hearing impaired, Amir Adnan used fashion as a platform for the hearing impaired community, not only at fashion week but also through television.


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