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Adonis - Amir Adnan's Fall/Winter 22 Collection

One of the greater artistic marvels of the world is the breathtaking beauty of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Truly a sight to behold, and one that many remain in awe of, this remnant of history has creativity coursing through every panel and tile. It is those very floor tiles of this great cultural landmark - which speak and breathe art - that have come to inspire Amir Adnan’s new Fall/Winter 2022 collection, aptly titled, ‘Adonis.’


This new capsule line aims to exhale the same expressive flair into the apparel designed by Amir Adnan that has become the hallmark of the Sistine Chapel. Paying homage to the minute pieces of tiling that may be hard to identify with the naked eye, only for them to combine and sweep one away with the formation of the collective pattern, the attire in the Fall/Winter collection replicates that variance to create a unique form of diversity through design. After all, Amir Adnan’s ‘Adonis,’ is, by all means, an ode to geometrical precision.

One may ask why the collection is called, ‘Adonis,’ given that the namesake is one of the most popular figures in Greek mythology. A mere mortal, Adonis was known to possess unmatched youthful exuberance, and beauty beyond compare. The Goddess Aphrodite had her eyes set on this young man who became the epitome of masculine allure. Even today, when men garner praise, they are often complimented with a likeness drawn to this bewilderingly handsome man. 

When Adonis eventually passed away, should pages of mythology be considered historical documentation, he did so in Aphrodite’s arms. This painful depiction of the cycle of life - showcasing a joyous soul once capable of love, now turned to dust and left to decay in his immortal lover’s arms - is nothing else but a reminder of the passage of time. However, there is great significance in knowing that this man, owing to his physical prowess, has been immortalized even after death - a nod to the vitality of resurrection in nature. 

Like the seasons we experience, life, too, comes full circle. Winter arrives after the leaves have fallen due to the Autumn sun, but once it prepares to leave, it makes way for the fresh flowers of Spring. As hues get lost within one another, with deep blues, and yellows flowing as one, the larger picture is a reminder of a royal emblem.


It is thus that this marriage of two key influences births Amir Adnan’s equally stunning collection. Its launch doubles as an invitation to men everywhere to don the garb of Adonis, and feel his soul course like electricity through their veins, thereby embodying the very essence of grace, elegance, and magnetism.

Purchase your pick from the ‘Adonis’ collection now - available in stores and online. 

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