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The Ascent With Amir Adnan

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women, merely players." If one takes this statement by the great bard Shakespeare to heart, one can easily segment the life of man into three distinct chapters in this wonderful, bewildering, and exhilarating play called life, where ascension is the most sublime state of being.

Man begins his journey in a state of loss - a metaphorical rock bottom within the realm of consciousness, where he must dig deeper within his mind to find meaning, purpose, motivation, and himself.

This chapter of man's life is defined by exploration (justuju) where an internal debate reigns supreme - as it must - in order to forge a sense of identity. Man searches and struggles, experiencing questions, instability, volatility, and yearning, but answers are yet to present themselves. Naive as he is, he is still a man, who must present himself as composed in an outward manner - dressing to the nines in his Amir Adnan apparel, while conflict wages within.

The next chapter is one where a sense of realization sinks in (ahsaas) - a point in a man's life where he invokes core strength to see the bigger picture. Larger schemes are at play in this circus, and self-preservation paired with the adornment of the self dawn as an epiphany.

The man armors his physical being with Amir Adnan’s line of personal care products and clothes, whilst suiting up his mental, emotional, and spiritual paraphernalia in open curiosity. While life seems like an excruciating battle, it is the greater war man prepares for, amidst the clouds of confusion.

The final chapter is the embodiment of personalized perfection (takmeel) - the stepping into the light of unimaginable heights, where man comes of age. It is painful and tumultuous at times, and a vast array of brilliance at others, but above all else - it is a lesson.

Man deliberates, man defies, man defeats, surrendering and taking charge at the same time, watching his own self evolve, grow, fall, and pick himself up - illuminated, and enlightened.

And so, he rises - the Amir Adnan man - with marks of action cloaked under the finest shalwar kameez and shoes, and he keeps ascending, standing the test of time.

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