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You deserve a career you’ll love!.

Do you have a strong desire to learn and shape your own path? Join us at Sharper Private ltd & be a part of a working culture that embraces diversity, equality and incredible development opportunities. The culture at Shapar Pvt ltd thrives on creativity, respect, trust, teamwork & learning opportunities.


Shaper (PVT) Ltd. has a lean organizational structure as we believe less is more. We strive to create high customer value using fewer resources. Our employees are broadly skilled and all the departments are self-managed. We believe in eliminating waste and creating simpler processes. Employees feel the same way about the mission as Amir Adnan himself. We believe in creating a culture of respect for every individual. We strongly believe in work life balance & have several benefit programs for our employees. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and we invest in training and grooming them into leaders.


Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders. Similarly, Amir Adnan believes that community development comes from empowerment. Amir adnan has turned hundreds of employees into entrepreneurs by inspiring them to achieve their true potential.

We’re looking for talented individuals who we can turn into leaders.

Send us your CV to be considered for opportunities that match your profile.

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